Friday, September 18, 2009

My New Nikon 5000D~~~

Yes!! Finally I bought the Nikon 5000D.. Impulse or what, its my next best investment after my Lasik Surgery... Oh yea, definitely one of my better buys so far... Got it at the recently concluded Comex fair... Got quite a good deal at $1199.. Yes, a $100 bucks off with all the free gifts that included tripod, extra battery, lens cleaing kit, camera bag and stuff..... ONly get this deal when you use cash or credit card w/o installments.. Luckily, I can do installments thru my Stanchart's Easipay, no need to do it on the spot so got a $100 dollars off!!! Robin din get it but in the end he got a Canon Eos 500D... Good camera also, was deciding between that and my Nikon..

In any case, I love my new Nikon, just have to figure out all the different functions for the camera... AND save up for my next lens.. Either a wide angle lens or a fixed lens... =)

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Own Time Own Target

Went to see this show over at the drama centre at the national library yesterday.. Watched the matinee show.. I must say, I did not have much expectations of the show.. Really.. Furthermore, I got the complimentary tickets to it courtesy of Robin's OCBC Arts card.. That reminds me, I need to go and apply for it soon.... Ha... Anyway back to the show.. It was actually 2 shows ,with 15 mins of intermission..

First one was "Full Tank" by Laremy.. Yay, from our own Kent ridge hall.. It was a great comedy but also one with a hidden agenda to it.. Love the way it showed the different scenes back and forth.. The performance by them was just flawless.. Really brought everyone into laugthers.. Lol.. Of course, not forgetting the "flowerly" language that filled the entire show.. Just one question, how is it possible that a tank can fit through the SPC gas station??? Lol...

After the break, the 2nd one was "Botak Boys" by Julian Wong.. To be honest, I got a shock when they started popping out from the audience, and fall'd in on stage.. Nice one... Then they started singing... Double shock.. And, it was catchy by the way, the "BMT" song.. still ringing in my head.. are they coming out with a CD?? I wanna get one... Then the story unfurled with these 5 recruits.. Ha, the most funny of them all were the 2 buddies, one "educated Ah Beng" and one tall guy who lifts up his hands everytime he finishes a sentence.. Ha. Hilarious...

Then the other most shocking cast there to me was Justin, played by Terence Tan.. Wow, he sings?? At first, I dont even know who is he, although he looks kinda familiar, but darn, he has a good voice... Great acting, great voice, great looks.. I think he is the next upcoming actor man.. Only upon searching, then i knew where I saw him before... From Living with Lydia... Lol.. that was quite long ago i suppose... But nevertheless, kudos to him for playing such a difficult role and performed it so well..

Ah, so after 2.5 hours of that, I felt satisfied.. It was a good show, and I would definately pay to see it.. Too bad, the play ended today... If not, I would definately go watch it again.. Oh well, this was the 2nd rerun, and hopefully the extend it and we get to see more of them soon!!!

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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Transformers 2 and Harry Potter 6

Ok, 2 summer blockbusters.. Watched it all at Eng Wah in Suntec, courtesy of discounted tickets from Stand Chart... Ha.. Well, i like the quality of the movie there, all digital, super clear and huge screen....

Anyway, down to these 2 movies.. I must say, I officially think Rotten Tomatoes reviews are totally crap... 80% for Harry Potter and 20% for transformers... -______- Guess which movie I will choose to watch again... Seriously, whats with critics... Are they paid to do these reviews??? why is it so skewed.....

Just finished watching Harry Potter today... the thing about Harry Potter is that they always change directors.. The worse one is the one where scenes proceeded with the screen blacking out and transiting to the next.. Like watching a powerpoint presentation.... The best was the one with the fight with Bellatrix... The newest addition was like.... o.0 I really dunno how to describe it... Its slow, draggy, heading to nowhere... They can simply cut into 3 parts and show it as a miniseries on TV.... The end is worse, left everyone hanging... Yea I know its a build up to the last book, but at least give it some sort of a punch... How I wish I only get to see it together with the last movies for the last book, I heard its gonna be in 2 parts... The lamest thing is when Snape said he was the half blood prince right at the end.. and thats it... o.0 It sounds like they had done the entire movie and forgotten to mention the half blood prince, and Snape comes along and puts in that sentence... I mean, Daivd Yates did do a pretty good job on Order of Phoenix, but this??? On the next 2 part installment, the first will have a social-realist feel and the next an operatic theme.... Social-realist feel!! Wow.. They should might as well rename it the Documentary of Harry Potter.. The funny thing is that the actors and actresses in it appear so used to their roles, as if they are living their lives on a daily basis.. Ok, the good part about the movie was that the actors have really matured.. It was a convincing performace, esp from Horace Slughorn.. If Im not wrong, he acted in Moulin Rouge too... Anyway, the part where Dumbledore died and everyone raised their Wands was the best scene indeed.. Almost gave in a tear too.. Well, the whole movie was like sitting in a car, moving through the country, nothing that exciting, nothing that bumpy. Just a smooth, slow ride to the horizon....

I still cant believe it got 80% and Transformers got a 20%.. WTH!!! I would give Harry a 60% and Transformers 60% too.. I do agree that the robots did outshine the actors in Transformers, but what do you expect, its Transfomers, not Transformer's boy hero... It was all about the robots in the beginning.. But really, whats with the Primes looking like scrawny prawn like robots..

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sun Yan Zi Concert!!!!

11th July....After so long, its my first ever Sun Yan Zi Concert... The Answer Is~~~

Well, went with Ber and Yihan, although I am a Fan of hers, followed her for the past 9 years, she is the only artist that made me buy everyone of her album. Sad to say, this is only my first time attending her concert... Having her perform here is so rare, I think Jay chou had more concerts here than her.. Oh well, expecting a superb show, on first look at the set, I was like.. OMG... Y is it made up of tracing papers?? Oh well, as people started streaming in, the show din start until around 8.40pm.. And I peeked at the gal infront of me, who sat all by herself, messaging to her fren on her fustration that the concert took so long to start... EH, obviously you havent been to many concerts, I had to wait for Avril to appear on stage like for an hour plus, when the stand in band was finally boo'd off stage....

Anyway, back to the concert... See that hole in the spiral set in the middle, she appeared on stage through that hole when the set unfurled and wow... the set actually moves, its not just a roll of toilet paper.. Woo... First song was 梦游, and she came out in this golden glittery dress with a bob head... Wow, so retro... Then continued with some fast songs like 神奇...

The high part was when she got to 第一天.. Just as the song erupted, the whole stadium was on their feet.. Everyone was so high, singing to the song, exactly the way we would sing in a ktv... Ha... That moment to me was the super climax of the whole concert.. But the funny thing is our section seems sober, everyone was lke listening attentively to the songs, although there were a few gals behing us screaming and singing the songs throughout...

Then came the guest star part when she sang a song with Peter, the vocal teacher.. Nice.. Then Hartono came and belt out his jazz songs.. Great singer, only 17.... -__- Makes me feel so old...

So after that Yan Zi came back siting in this jellyfish thingy and circled half the stage.. With a keyboard on board the "spacecraft".. Woah... Amazing... As you can see from the picture below, she was playing the keyboard, singing while sitting in that revolving jellyfish.. Ha.. I think it was like an underwater theme, cos she dressed up like a sea cucmber... Lol... That by the way as commented by Ber.. Ha..

Ok, I dont have the photos for the next act I am going to say, cos I was too awestruck. Down came this "heavenly gate" thing, and Yan zi appeared from below.. Everyone was like, hmm, is it really her singing 风筝? No!! Its a hologram of her singing in between the gates.. Woah, so lifelike, I was fooled for awhile.. Then the real her came alongside, dressed in the prettiest frock she wore that evening, a white gown like dress...

Soon after the side blocks were lifted, revealing the band and spotlights as you can see below... Super Cool, looks like the Jacky Cheung Concert though... I love the 超快感 best, slow at first then sped up in the middle, then slow again.. It was so funny... Then there was so many other favourites like 同类,The moment, 向左走,向右走, Stefanie.... THe list goes on.. It was like a big karaoke session for me.... When she din sing 逆光, I was like.. huh?? Not until the last 2nd encore, she came out and sang the song.. Wa... Scared the hell outta me.. Then 绿光 also.. Amazing she din sing that song, then when the encore came, she sang it with a twist in chord and rhythm... Sounded a bit wierd, but nevertheless still nice.... =)

The best thing in the concert is the amount of songs she belted out and the quality of her live singing is unparelled... Really.. Whoever said she couldnt sing live should come and listen to her for themself.. Shame on you... Compared to most artists recently, she is arguably the best in live singing.. After 2-3 encores, the show finally ended... I would definately watch it again if it shows again... Im sure the other 10,000 people in the stadium would feel the same... Now, its back to listening to her albums again.. Ar, what memories....

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Saturday, May 02, 2009


Finally went to watch CATS at Esplanade Theatre yesterday.. I think it was shown in Singapore sometime back... Honestly, I didn't think I will go watch CATS, cause compared to other musicals by Andrew Lloyd, it didn't seem to be that heavy, plot wise, but after yesterday, I know now why its the second longest running musical and so popular throughout the world...

What made it so special was the interactiveness and the amazing theatrics that was displayed. This is definitely one musical that you cannot watch through a video, it just doesnt do it justice... Another wonderful thing bout it is the numerous characters that appeared, each one so different from one another, appealing to the young and old alike... And of course, who can forget Grizabella, the cat who made 'Memory' Famous, partially thanks to Elaine Page... Lol..

Overall, its not those sad, heart capturing musicals, but more of the fun, colourful, entertaining musicals you see from the likes of Mamma Mia.. Lots of dancing, acrobatic displays, wonderful songs, brilliant costumes, sets... Take a look at the opening song from the musical, one of my favourite song from the musical..

By and all, its a very entertaining musical, kids will definitely love it, but they will be leaving this sun, so for those who miss it, look out for the next one and please dont hesitate next time.... =)

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Its 11.20pm now, past my bed time, but I cant sleep,not until I share this brillant group of people with you.

Diversity, a street dance group from Essex, England, has won me over immediately after seeing their audition clip from Britain's got Talent..Its a must watch!!!

Diversity - BGT 2009 Audition

Actually, I was looking at the other clip from Flawless, another dance group.. I must say, Flawless is also very very good.... No doubts about that..

Flawless - BGT 2009 Audition

But in the end, I think Diversity appeals to me more.. Its the diverse group of people coming together, creating such a wonderful piece of dance, its more like a mini show to me, but the choreography for the dance is simply amazing, and it is exactly what we need in these tough times... Brilliant!!!!

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Susan Boyle - I dreamed a dream

Today I just saw and heard the most spectacular thing that has happened. This 47 year old lady from Britain who got on the show on Britan's got Talent 2009, shocked and wowed everyone around the world.

Other than singing my favorite Musical songs of all time, her voice is so warm and heart wrenching that its hard not to tear even for a bit when listening to her. Given the glitz and glamour the whole music industry has been portraying, its easy to forget that music is all about singing from the heart. Music brings people together and this is a great testament to how everyone around the world got together to support this spectacular singing sensation.

And please, don't ever make her go through some ridiculous Hollywood makeover that portrays someone who she is not at the end of it. I don't believe she is the underdog of the competition, she is definitely going to win this competition and be a worldwide hit.

Please, go watch the clip and you will understand what I mean, words cannot describe the feeling you get by listening to her. Please click the link below for the clip.

Susan Boyle - I dreamed a dream

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